Stephan Tillmans : Light Point Systems (Photography)


The dot orders are television screens, which were photographed at the moment of being turned off. The shutter button is pressed when the power switch on the television is pressed. The camera captures the image in the moment when it breaks down. The television picture is no longer visible – instead, a structure of light, which in a fraction of a second, disappears in the picture tube and collapses. The TV image is abstracted in this process and reduced to its essential element: the light or an order which is generated from the light beam of the tube.

This order is different for each TV. The exposure time and the time of admission have a significant impact on the image object – the later the camera is triggered, the further advanced the collapse of the picture. The photographs address their essential difference between abstraction and concretisation in photography or more precisely: the ratio of external reference and self-reference. They show the collapse of the television image and thus the collapse of the reference. The dot systems therefore describe one of the essential characteristics of concrete photography. Extract : Stephan Tillmans]


Stephan Tillmans : Website


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